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I must say...this community makes me incredibly happy, and I only just found it. :D

I am obsessed with duckies. Where I work [a call center in Beaverton, OR] we have a stream outside which has tons of mallards. These pretty little things come out to take over the parking lot, but somehow they all stay safe- well. Most of that is the fact that if you hit a duck intentionally or they find out about it, you get canned pretty much on the spot. We also have this thing called "duck day" where our old site director would dress up in a ducky suit and waddle around the building to hand out rubber ducks to all of our 500-1000 [depending on contracts at the time] employees. It's precious.

I have several rubber duckies at work [ganked from other employees and gifted], as well as a couple ducky plushies [one of which has bunny slippers and a bunny blanky], and painted porcelain duckies - one easter-themed, one valentine's day themed, and one rainbowy.

I love to take pictures of the duckies, especially during spring! All the ducklings are precious. I also go outside and stand with them when it rains, and they quack and look at me. They let my boyfriend pet them.

All in all, I wish I could have pet ducks, but unfortunately living in apartment buildings aren't terribly conducive to that. Ah well.

This little boy stood and stared at me for a full 15 minutes:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll make sure to post any other cute ducky-related things I see.
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