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Hi, joined this community a few weeks ago but have kept forgetting to make a post until now, so, Hi! *waves*.

My Boyfriend and I have two ducks, Quackers and Waddles, well drakes really.

We were't given any information about them when we got them but we think Quackers is a Pekin and Waddles is a Campbell. We think.

We're not even 100% sure exactly how old they are but this is a picture of them the day we got them in March last year:

This is them in April on my birthday:

Having a swim in my friend's pool:

Here's one of them with my boyfriend and a a really adorable polaroid I took of them:

And one of the polaroids we used for our Christmas cards last year:

Sorry about all the pictures, I'm just so proud of them =).

I do have a question that I hope someone could help me with. They're usually quite calm and not aggressive towards each other, not even food. Most of the time when they're in their pool, one jumps in the and the other jumps out and they take turns, no worries. But once in a while when Waddles is in there, Quackers gets in and they sort of chase each other for awhile, which is harmless.

But then Quackers manages to climb on Waddles back and uses his beak to hold is head under. As soon as we see that, one of us goes and picks Quackers up and keeps him sway from the pool until Waddles is done. When we let Quackers join him again, they're fine like nothing ever has happened. This has happened a few times, at random, and I was just wondering if anyone could explain what is going on here?
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