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Introducing 3 day old ducklings to a broody hen?

my only duck became very broody so i bought some fertile eggs off of ebay....

thing is somthing got all but 2 of the eggs, i have no idea what did it but after that i built a little fort knocts around her which i leave open during the day.

 fearing none would hatch i ordered some ducklings from mc murry to sneak under her (i have done this before with broody chickens) they came tuesday

today was the hatch date but i was giving them till tommorow (the 12th) to hatch because they were tucked under her halfway through day 1.

sadly i took a nap today becuase i have a cold... i woke up after dark to the sound of my duck fussing. another egg was gone and i found it..... it had a duckling in it ready to hatch the yolk sack torn open D:
(i cried)

well tonight was the night to give her the ducklings after dark. but i decided to start with 2 as i could bear to have them all hurt or lost. the cage i built around her is fairly snug so the babies cannot be more than 5 inches away from her.
 for the most part she ignores them, if they get in front of her she like "nibbles" at them, i mean she is not hurting them but her actions to me seem like she does not want them.... and they are sitting next to not under her...and if they hear my voice they try to get out :C

so in the end my questions are:

is her nibbling at them rejection or just confusion, or just because i got her worked up? (she hates me)
have there been cases of ducks adopting other ducklings?
what are the chances of her accepeting these babies as her own?

i did NOT intend to raise these 11 ducks myself, i intended for her to do it!

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