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so i have been doing some duck rescue lately...

i haven't posted here in a while... but i just had to share what is going on with me these days...

last summer i took in an arthritic Pekin duck named "Three". he has a degenerative arthritic issue that is slowly taking away is mobility... sad, i know, but i am doing everything i can for him.
and then a few weeks ago i got a call to go pick up his siblings Four and Five. they were in terrible shape. especially Four who had eye infections in both eyes AND was showing the same arthritic signs as Three.

here is the original post (warning: GRAPHIC pix of an injured duck):

so for the past few weeks i've been dealing with these Pekins and am glad to announce that the injuries are mostly cleared up... except for the arthritis thing... but i am working on it.
but you have to see what i did for Three...
if you don't have a good sense of humor, don't read this post:

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