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Sorry if some of this is a repost, I cant remember if I ever made an entry post here. If not, here goes.

So I have two ducklings, Chip and Cody (did I mention I'm new?). Chip is the one we think might be male (simply from first impression), and Cody female (again, simply by first impression). Cody follows Chip around and is the more passive, docile out of the two, while Chip is more assertive and when feeling threatened (him or his baby sister), he'll raise himself up and attempt to 'hiss'. Both will be a month this Wednesday, if I calculated correctly, but neither really look like it :-\

We got them from Sea World, a place that sells ducks and chicks for the easter holiday, and I've been keeping them in an aquarium while they were younger with a heatlamp on at a constant (at the time even at night), and cleaned them everyday with some bathtime and occassionally (weather permitting) outside time. Now, I plan on keeping them outside while I'm gone at school (around 7am until around when it gets dark), but they're still relatively small. I heard ducks were supposed to be full-grown in thirty days, and those thirty days are going to be up in two.

I feed them before I leave, when I get home (after I feed them), and before I go to bed. They usually knock the food over and get it all over the place, and in the morning it's usually all wet and nasty (I hope this will stop once they get outside more). Is it they're not getting enough food because of how much they knock it around? Or does it take longer then thirty days to grow-up for these babies and I've just been 'living a lie'? My boyfriend (who is the babies' daddy) said that him and his friend stopped by Sea World maybe last week and the ducks they still had there were 'unhealthily fat', while our's looked healthily plump. I'm glad they're not disgustingly HUGE, but they also dont seem big enough.


Here's some Chip and Cody love for you.

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