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Hello I'm a new member and soon-to-be-Duck-Owner come Monday (I hope!). I found this community because the other one I was apart of specialized moreso on chickens then ducks and I dont think I'm going to get my questions answered. So here goes:

So I might be able to buy myself two ducklings Monday from a local pet store "Seawrld" which has a 'box' of ducks, an aquarium of chickens and another aquarium of more ducks. Yellow are the Pekin ducks, Yellow with Dominate Black are Mallards, and evenly mixed are a mix of the two.

I know Pekin ducks are good for beginners, and a very popular breed, and I definately intend on getting at least one, but I'm curious about the Mallard and Mallard/Pekin mix. Should I stick with both ducklings being Pekin? Or should I get a Mallard or Mallard/Pekin mix?

* I live in Roseville Michigan, and I intend on asking my neighbors on both sides and behind if they would have a problem with the two additions to the family. I also intend on setting up a fence of some sort to limit them to the grass and grass only (since the neighbor on the left has a dog who just might take an interest in the poor things).

When I used to live in Eastpointe, my friend knew someone on her corner who owned a goose. They had it for a long time and I dont know what happened (though I believe they moved), so I dont see why it would be a problem here, especially if the neighbors have no problem with it.

We also have this enclosure behind the garage that was once used for a dog kennel I guess *shrugs* really looks more like a chicken coop, but my dad and I plan on transforming that into a 'Duck Home' as soon as possible (Hopefully soon because I'm sick of snow, especially since this week was supposed to be 'nice').

So my questions are as followed:

Is there a site online I could look at that will show me Roseville's Policy when it comes to such things?

Should I stick with both ducklings being Pekin? Or should I get a Mallard or Mallard/Pekin mix?

Where is a reliable website that will be able to ship to me the proper duck feed with the proper nutrients for a growing duckling?
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